• Organisation
    Born in Kanpur, Rani Poddar founded ‘Puncham’,
    a Socio – Charitable Ladies Organisation in the year 1980.
  • CSR
    Since 1980-2010 Rani Poddar continued her active interest in ‘Puncham’. During a spell of 33 years, ‘Puncham’ built up 12...
  • Memberships
    Rani Poddar is a Member of Mumbai Police Traffic Committee. Her other memberships include: Member “D” Ward...

About Rani Poddar

Rani Poddar is the Managing Director of
M/s. Nathuram Ramnarayan (P) Ltd., a Private Limited Company closely engaged in Textile Business since last 100 years. Rani Poddar is a member of the Ladies Wing of Indian Merchants Chamber, Mumbai. And an active Committee Member, Paropkar, a religious organization. At the age of 62, sky is the limit and she is always ready to extend a helping hand to the needy section of the society.